We provide a suite of services:

Commercial Sales

ARPBS specialises in facilitating  commercial asset transactions across Victoria, which further prides itself on its ability to surpass market expectations by successfully conveying the assets potential investment ability.  This is ultimately achieved by ensuring that our agents operate with integrity to ensure that the clients interests are always placed foremost , which is coupled with operating with open communication channels at every stage of the commercial process.

ARPBS is an advocate for understanding the true value of 'customer equity', which ultimately aims at building life long business relationships with clients. Evidently, this is the rationale for our staff devoting as much time as needed with clients to ensure the services that are delivered are individually tailored for their circumstances.

We offer highly competitive rates for facilitating commercial sales and as mentioned previously, are tailored to be as smooth as possible to ensure our clients are satisfied.





Business Sales


ARPBS understands the dedication and involvement that comes with business ownership, which we endeavour to offer a streamline service to make your exit out of your business as easy as possible.

ARPBS examines businesses holistically and can appreciate the intrinsic value that is present with years of dedication to a business, which we can then capitalise on as a positive selling attribute. By logical extension, we differentiate ourselves in the market place for this reason, which we can appreciate and convey the potential of any business with a new management team to achieve greater profitability, subsequently achieving a greater price.

All business sales clients receive a business profile and due diligence package, which details all relevant information that a potential buyer would be requiring to make their next investment. In addition ARPBS utilises a diverse marketing mix to target the viable target market, subsequently being potential buyers with the skill set and financial suitability to acquire the business, which all this occurs under a cost effective framework.

Our team looks forward to assisting with your business sales inquires.

Property Management

Our team offers a range of property management services, which are individual tailored to our clients needs, to ensure the achieve the most desired results. To expand on this, our services range from tenancy management, traditional property management services, building service and benchmarking against comparable assets.

Our service offerings are highly competitive, which  the value is unparalleled in the market.

ARPBS is dedicated to providing uninterrupted property management services to their clients, which regardless of time or day, our staff will be available to mitigate any potential issues that may arise and ensure the most streamline service available.

Commercial Opportunites

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